Why Have a Web Site?
Communicating Nearly everything about a web incorporates some aspect of communication between the web owner and the web site visitors.  Some of the communication may be proactive with keywords that cause Internet search engines to list the web.  Webs associated directly with communicating include user groups, forums, and chat rooms.
Sharing Information Similar to communicating, sharing information is a part of all web sites.  Businesses display information about their products and services.  Organizations share information about their activities.  Personal web sites share information about their families and hobbies.
Newsletters With such a high percentage of the population having access to the Internet, putting newsletters and various flyer-type activity sheets on a web could be a significant cost-savings over the cost of regular mailings, especially for large organizations.
Managing Processes There are extensive web technical capabilities to control the flow for almost any business process.  Information can be validated at each step, and then routed based on any number of parameters.  A variety of reports showing status and summaries are possible.
Custom Applications Sometimes a computer tool that has a few key features is needed.  Often the only tools available have a feature set with many times the number of features needed.  These tools are either not cost-effective to meet the need, or have such a huge learning curve, they are not practical.  A web-based tool with just the needed features that is easy to learn to use is often the answer.
Photos Putting family photos and event photos on the Internet is becoming more and more popular.  It is quick and easy to put a few photos on a web.  This may quickly become unmanageable as the number of photos grows, as a plan for organizing and indexing is often overlooked.
Calendar Creating a meeting and activity calendar for an organization is often very useful to its members.  Most families, especially grandparents, like to have a family calendar with birthdays and anniversaries.