Web Support Available
JRC Web Services (JWS) is available to assist with or provide any combination of the support described below, or similar support.  This support is primarily available within west central Wisconsin, and is focused on those who are just getting started in the web world or those who have a basic web site and want to go further.
Site Design Web site design starts with an idea and puts this into a structure that works in the web world as the customer desires.  This includes layout, arrangement of graphics, the user flow into and through the web, a menu or index schema, content organization, and the approach for maintenance and updates.
Web Development Web development takes a design and puts the structure and information into web pages, which is basically making the various files HTML-enabled.  Thus, these files are fully functional in the browser.  For example, all webs use hyperlinks, so the user can use a mouse-click to display another web page.  A key feature of webs is that all the user needs is connection to the Internet and a browser to access a web.  Neither additional computer applications or licenses are not required.
Web Implementation Web Implementation takes the developed web and puts it in the Internet environment, so when the user enters the web address for the web, the Internet properly routes the user to the web and it displays in the user's browser.  As part of the implementation, the web is linked to an IP address.
Photo Touchup Often photos, whether they are digital photos or scanned photos, should be touched up to enable the best possible image when displayed in the browser,  Many times, just increasing the photo brightness and/or contrast makes a significant difference.  It's pretty obvious when photos are put directly on the web site without any touchup.
Photo Sizing With a large number of users accessing the internet via a dial-up connection, photo sizing is important and often overlooked.  Large photos (in terms of kb or mb of the image) are slow to download from the web and display in the browser, especially for the dial-up user.  Usually a photo may be reduced (sometimes rather significantly reduced) in kb/mb size and still display as a good photo in the browser.
Domain Registration As part of web implementation, for a web to be accessible on the Internet, it must be within a registered domain or branched off a registered domain.  A registered domain ensures that the domain name is unique.
Web Hosting Web Hosting provides disk space on a server that has continuous access to the Internet.  The web hoster provides an IP address for the web domain to be linked.  As part of web implementation, the web files are copied to the web hoster.
Web Maintenance Web Maintenance is replacing some files with different or current information or photos.  A poor web site is one that is static with the same information or photos for an extended period of time.
Web Updates Web Updates include additional pages of information or photos. 
Web Enhancements Web Enhancements include modifications or additions to the web design elements.
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