Getting Started
A typical scenario of how to proceed with getting your own web online is described below.  You decide on how far to proceed, and on whether to proceed, or not, at any point.
Initial Consultation There is no charge for the initial discussion of up to an hour regarding your web idea. 
Web Project Quote Following the initial consultation, you will be provided with a quote for the costs associated with your web project.  This quote will be a fixed-price quote for the web project, as discussed.  The costs will be modular, so you may choose to proceed with a portion of the project, the entire project, or not to proceed at all.  Included with the quote will be a timeline for completion.  Also, the web project work and the hosting will be separate amounts.  If there are any aspects of the project that need further discussion or need to be more fully defined, these items will noted accordingly.

A web project quote will be provided within 2 work days.

Web Project Work Begins Upon agreement to proceed with the web project, or a portion thereof, 1/2 of the web project quote amount will be required.
Web Project Review Upon completion of the web development, there will be a review to validate that the web was developed and functions as requested.

A web project without a database will normally be completed within 1 workweek.  A web project with a database will normally be completed within 2 workweeks.  The timeline for the specific project will be specified within the Web Project Quote.

Web Project Delivered or Available For Hosting Upon acceptance of the web project, the balance of the quote amount will be due. 

If the web will not be hosted by JRC Web Services (JWS), the package of web files will be delivered at this point.

Web Is Hosted The web will be hosted within 3 workdays following receipt of the implementation and hosting fee.  If the web does not require a database, the hosting will be normally completed within 1 workday.  If the hosting agreement is for a period longer than 6 months, 1/3 of the hosting fee may be deferred and paid at the mid-point of the hosting period.