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Key Dates & Events Calendar
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This sample web includes the calendar web page and a web page that is used to edit and add events to the calendar.  Selecting a date on the calendar displays the details for the events for that date.  On the edit web page, the delete option is disabled to preclude someone trying the web sample and inadvertently deleting all of the events.
Broadcast Email
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Email generated from a web can be setup in a variety of ways.  The same email message could be sent to a set of email addresses, or individually to each email address in a set.  For a more extensive need, a personalized email could be sent individually to each email address in a set.
Class Reunion
This class reunion web site was active for a year, from 9 months prior to the reunion through 3 months following the reunion.  Prior to the reunion, the web included a sign-up web page for classmates to register for the reunion, and to submit photos, bio info, and memories.
Simple Photo Album
These photos are a simple one topic set of photos, with a set of thumbnails of the photos to browse through.
For Sale by Owner
This "For Sale by Owner" web was active for 3 months, as the house was sold by owner in 6 weeks.  The web was supplemented with newspaper advertising which referred the prospective buyer to the web site for details.  As such, there were very few calls on house questions.  The calls were by home buyers wanting to see the house.