Need Web Help?  Let's Get Together.
Just an Idea Maybe you just have an idea and are wondering if it could be developed into a web.  Or you want to discuss what the web options might be. 
Flush Out a Design Maybe you have a detailed idea, but need some help identifying holes in your design.  Maybe you have a basic web site, and you need some help taking it to the next level.
Definitize a Process Web-enabling a process is a great way to see, understand, and refine the inputs, outputs, and interactions.  When a process is developed for the web, it must be fully developed, at least for one thread/flow, or it will not work.
Launch a Web Site Maybe you are ready, but just need some help in putting your web on the Internet.
Maintain Your Web Site Maybe you need some help in updating your web site, or growing it.  Maybe you need help with a process for keeping those web photos current.
Make Your Site Interactive Are you ready for the next level of web functionality?  Do you want to maintain a list of family, member, or customer email addresses?  Do you want to be able to send each email address a personalized email message, with just a mouse-click.
Web Space Do you need web space, a place to host your web site?  Do you need a domain name?  Maybe you do not know whether you need a domain name, or not.
Inexpensive web hosting Is your current web hosting arrangement too expensive?