Organization Web Ideas
An organization may want a mix of 1 or 2 webs.  A web on the Internet would provide information about the organization and its activities for its members and the public.  An extranet would be a limited access web for members and registered prospects that would provide more detailed or more focused information about the organization activities.
Electronic Newsletters Electronic Newsletters are a convenient way to handle newsletters, and additionally, it may be a significant cost savings for the organization as paper copies and postage is reduced for regular mailings.
Photos of Events and Members Photos of events and members may be included on the web.
Member Bio and Contact Info Member biography and contact information may be included on the web.
Calendar All organizations have some type of calendar for meetings and possibly events.  It might be helpful to have the calendar online for all to view, especially to see calendar changes.
Online Member Signup The web may include an option for new member's to signup to be members.
Automated Meeting/Event Reminders Members could automatically be alerted of meetings and events via email.
Automated Alerts for Meeting/Event Changes Members could automatically be alerted via email when meetings or events are changed.