Family and Individual Ideas
A family may want a web on the Internet that would provide public information about the family.  Or the web may have limited access and be available only to family and friends.
Photo Albums A family web is a great way to share the family photos, especially with long-distance grandparents.
Family Tree Often there is someone in the family who researches the family genealogy.  The web could be used to share the family tree with the rest of the family.
Family Contact Center As families grow and move, it can be difficult to maintain contact info for family members.  Someone may want to reach out to Aunt Martha, but none of the local family know how to reach her.  Aunt Martha could post her new contact info on the web.  Or a broadcast email to the family could be sent, "Does anyone know how to reach Aunt Martha?"
Calendar A calendar of family key dates and events may be especially useful as the family grows.  The key dates may be birthdays and anniversaries.  The events might be weddings and reunions.
Automatic Reminders Family members could sign up to be alerted as selected birthdays and anniversaries approach.