Event Web Ideas
Event organizers may want a web on the Internet that would provide information about the event for the public, or for a target audience. 
A class reunion committee may want a web for the class reunion, for a limited time period, extending from a few months before the reunion through a few months following the class reunion.  The following idea details are based on what might be included within a class reunion web.
Classmate Photos Scanned photos from the high school yearbook may be put on the web site.
Past Event Notes and Photos The web may include any combination of notes, programs, photos, etc. from prior reunions.
Participants' Bio and Contact Info Classmate current biography and contact information may be included on the web.
Broadcast Email Messages As classmate email addresses are collected, the reunion committee could send a broadcast email to all classmates with a simple click.  For example, the committee may want to announce a "happy hour" gathering for those who are in town early for the reunion.
Event Photos To help make the experience and memory last, photos of the event could be posted for classmates to see, which may be especially informative for classmates who were unable to attend.