Small Business Web Ideas
A small business may want a mix of 1 to 3 webs.  A web on the Internet would provide information about the business and its products and services for the public.  An extranet would be a limited access web for customers and registered prospects that would provide more detailed or more focused information about the business products and services. An internal web which is only available to the business owner and the employees may include the tools and reports to support various business processes.
Record Keeping The inventory of products available for sale may be kept on the web.
Order Taking Orders taken over the phone could be recorded on the web.
Process Automation As products to be sold are purchased and order are filled, the inventory could be adjusted.  As inventory falls below a re-order point, an automated email alert could be sent to the purchaser.  Throughout the process, an automated record could be maintained.
Time Cards Staff completion of time cards could be on the web, which may be especially helpful for part-time employees.
Task Assignments The web may include a system for managing tasks, from the point of assignment to a staff member, to the recording of task notes and hours worked, to task review, and to task completion.
Advertise Products and Services Probably the most common use of the web by businesses is to advertise their products and services.
Customer and Prospect Communication When there is a need for customer feedback and interaction, a limited access web could be valuable. Such a web can be very helpful when the business needs to communicate directly with customers, or a subset of the customers.